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Environmental Laboratory Accreditation & Staffing

Tri-State Laboratory includes a full staff of chemists, biologists, lab technicians, IT personnel, administrative personnel, and field technicians.  We maintain our environmental laboratory accreditation to insure that all analyses are conducted by acceptable methods and under strict quality assurance guidelines.

Environmental Laboratory Accreditation & Staffing

Not only can Tri-State Laboratory analyze a wide range of samples, but the laboratory is uniquely qualified to act as a data repository for current and archived sample results. The laboratory can work closely with the client’s engineering or permitting consultant to provide data whenever needed and in whatever format may be required. Some examples would be easy to view/review spreadsheets, importable .xml files, and tables summarizing 6-month baseline studies. With the recent move to electronic submittal of data, the experienced IT staff at Tri-State is poised to convert any of the client’s data to meet their formatting requirements.

The laboratory can complete your company’s discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) or any other reporting requirement that you may have. We are experienced in the use of EPA’s NetDMR system and, if required by your regulatory authority, can upload laboratory results as soon as they are complete for your review, approval, and submittal.

The laboratory holds the following approvals and accreditations:



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