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Welcome to Tri-State Laboratory Services, LLC

At Tri-State full range of environmental testing to to the companies and communities of Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Testing Capabilities

To meet our client’s changing needs with the changing market place emphasis on environmental regulation, we offer: water sample testing, soil & rock sample testing, pre-hydraulic fracturing testing, sample collection, and field testing services.

Soil & Rock Testing

Our Laboratory analyzes soil and rock samples from a variety of sources such as mining operations, coal refuse facilities, and construction sites.

Staffing and Accreditation

Tri-State Laboratory includes a full staff of chemists, biologists, lab technicians, administrative personnel and field technicians to insure that all analyses are conducted by acceptable methods and under strict quality assurance guidelines.

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Soil & Rock Sample Testing

We can perform Standard Proctor, and conduct moisture content and particle size analysis. We can also conduct USGS leachate analysis and test for nutrient content, soil pH, lime requirements, and hay land productivity.

Water Sample Testing

We collect, test, and report water samples required for NPDES compliance, permit specific groundwater and surface water compliance, pre-permit baseline monitoring, bond release sampling, stormwater analysis, and other required sampling activities.

Field Services

Tri-State Laboratory Services is here to assist and serve as a part of your field services and testing department should you ever need extra hands-on-deck for a heavy workload or local assistance for more convenient sample collection.

Environmental Information Bulletins

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